Status: A-YO WASSUP, SALADS? It's been over two months since the last Key2tLock upload... another one coming right up now to make up for that! (2 years ago)


Name Lorrianne Austerford
Location Nowhere and Everywhere
Birthday Jul 30
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The second Wattpad account of Lorrianne Austerford [ @MidnyteDyamond].


Name for almost-non-existent fanbase: salads (singular: salad)


Hello, 我是유키だ。

Hello, I am Lorrianne.



안녕하세요, 내가 유키 이다.



*Cinnamon Locket
-1: Key to the Locket [code name: Key2tLock]


*The Legend of the Two Waters [mythical/legendary storiette]



{Main Project}

*KBB Storietta [Watty Awards 2012]

{Minor Project(s)}

*Innocent Page [on temporary hold]

Completed Project(s):

*MISTee - Lorri's Story [non-fiction storiette]

*Storiettes [collection of scattered stories, may be updated randomly]

*Poemellas [collection of scattered poems, may be updated randomly]
A-yo, salad. I am known as yuki and/or Lorri(anne), but here I am kyandi. (or yuki and/or Lorri(anne), I don't really care -.-)


Oh, Please. Yeah, Right!

Oh, Please. Yeah, Right!

3 pages, updated Dec 30, 2012PG
Jacqueline Estrada is just trying to get through life without too many mishaps. Unfortunately, a guy named Jasper Sinclair simply cannot leave her alone. Ever since b... read more
67 reads votes 3 comments 0
Cinnamon Locket: Key to the Locket

Cinnamon Locket: Key to the Locket

7 parts / 25 pages, updated Aug 25, 2012GPictures
No normal and sane parent in their right mind would name their only children Vermillion and Cinnamon. Except Mr and Mrs Locket were perfectly sane when naming her older sister Vermillion, and equally sane a year later when naming her Cinnamon.
1,926 reads votes 65 comments 27
The Legend of the Two Waters

The Legend of the Two Waters

2 pages, updated Nov 12, 2010G
139 reads votes 3 comments 1
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@Nasche88 I dunno, buddy, but you should know that I'M SO HAPPY YOU MEAN ALL THAT!! If only you could see me crying cyber-tears right now...
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@Nasche88 oh wow! Really? You're not... just... saying that to make me feel nice, are you? O___O
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@Batoul333 ;O thank you! I hope you continue to read and support this story :D
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@florallyobligated Mystery Dude = Key? ^_^
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@StormySkyDiver yes, Cinna is a bit... dim. She can't see what's stuck in front of her nose, now can she? ^_^
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