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Hi! I am random person with a wattpad account, that got a bit bored and decided to write this. So enjoy!

10 random things you didn't need to know about me...

1.   I am seriously addicted to werthers original. The other day I did a little happy dance when I found they were on offer in Tesco. 

2.  I know Latin, French and a little bit of sign language (bsl)

3.  I have lost 4 rulers this month alone.

4.  I drink far too much tea than is actually healthy.

5.  I have to shout out TRAIN whenever I see one.

6.  I plan to rig the voting for Classic fm's hall of fame top 300 thing next year and vote excessively for the Pirates of the Caribbean theme tune.

7.  I don't have a middle name -seriously! well, sort of...

8.  I have dropped my iPod and phone down the toilet - twice!

9.  I have a black Labrador called Sammie.

10. I am English... I speak with an ENGLISH accent, not british, there is no such thing as a british acccent!!!!!
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Cool story! Its very unique.
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Cool story!
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