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heyy im kris!!
Yupp thats mee im my profile pic :D
*Just a girl who is really happy, calm and loves to have fun:D
*Piano player and dancer hehe ohh yeaa I also like archery!!
*I think making new friends can be so much fun and interesting
*I may be a little shy at first but once you get to know me and i get to know you, i can be really random and hyper haha
*Almost always have a smile on my face and love laughing XD
*If u wanna talk, just say "hi" and i'll respond:) (because i get really bored sometimes)

High School is tough so when im stressed or bored i always end up on here reading a really good story!
Music is my lifeeeeeee...i love it all, yes even kpop
sooooo i lovee pandas 
YAYYYY \( ^_^)/

A few of my wattpad buddies:
 @xXQueenOfDramaXx: My first wattpad friend!!! We always have a good laugh when we talk! She claims that she's never wrong and we debate about that A LOT but its okayy cuz we're part of the elite hehe:) love her :D
 @SimplySublime: Mah bestie in real life!! friends since freshman year:D Oh my goodness, we have too much fun together like talking till 3 in the morning about random stuff on school nights haha! love ya girliee <3
 @RealityCheck101: She has the best stories to tell and seems to have the most entertaining life!! We surprisingly have many things in common :) <3
 @Privatesolrac: This is my kuya!! haha we talk all the time and we maybe know a little too much about each other XD hes crazy and sometimes gives good advice haha but all-in-all a really good friend  to have:)
 @SeeMeYesterday: This is my lazy buddy, Juliet XD  He seems super smart and loves celery!

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ahh loved it lys!! and thanks for the dedication!! the elite for the win!! hehe
Breaking Boundaries {Slow ...

@xXQueenOfDramaXx yeah, I think I pulled something in my arm:( idk yet though...ill see if it hirts tomorrow lol and I have a quiz and a test...
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