Hi everyone Im a potterhead and a wholock if you've read my stories thanks and if you've followed me thanks!! you are awesome :3
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Not All Twins Bend the Same Element (Avatar the Last Airbender)

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Description: Katara and her twin sister Kayta are benders from the Southern Water Tribe. However they do not bend the same element. Katara is a waterbender, but Kayta is a firebender. That's not the only thing that is different about Kayta though. She has tw...

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Hello everybody! 

So I have some bad news, school is starting in a couple of weeks as is the Renaissance festival which I work at. During this time I will also be working at Rita's Italian Ice and taking an online class at the community college(I may do some clubs as well) but this all means that it will be harder for me to update my books so I ask that you be patient with me. I will try to write ahead during my last few weeks of freedom, but I'm not sure how far I will be able to get. 

Thanks for being so patient with me! I love you guys!