Time for an update!

Name: Khadija

Hobbies: Writing, reading, and eating

Favorite genres: Almost anything that is interesting! I'll read your stories and give reviews and stuff but on no account..... I repeat: On NO account should you ask me to read a story about a romance that happens in just a few days. 

I have writers block quite often so it's hard for me to start a story and finish it. I have so many ideas but I get stuck quick. I never do outlines so maybe that's why but oh well.

Family: Mom is a right leg amputee, my eldest brother is gay and not ashamed at all, my second oldest brother lives in Kansas City and has a baby on the way, my youngest brother is wild and crazy, and I'm just... here lol

I don't watch t.v. but I do love to look at animes so if you guys have any suggestions then pm me. I love manga, too. Especially when it's really emotional and can make you cry.

Favorite manga: Beauty Pop, Nana, High School Debut, Emma, Kuroshitsuji, Two for the Dragon (I haven't finished it yet), Sand Chronicles, and a few others that I can't remember. Nana was the first so it'll always be dear to my heart.

Message me about anything you want! I'm always up for conversation!


Different people: Look! A bunny!!!

Me: Heh... whatever....
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Rejected by the Alpha werewolf but I'm a panther so I don't care!

Social data: 163K reads. 2.7K votes. 215 comments.

Description: MJ is a she-cat and her mate, the Alpha, rejected her so she sleeps with other guys to numb the pain in her heart.


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