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Time for an update!

Name: Khadija

Hobbies: Writing, reading, and eating

Favorite genres: Almost anything that is interesting! I'll read your stories and give reviews and stuff but on no account..... I repeat: On NO account should you ask me to read a story about a romance that happens in just a few days. 

I have writers block quite often so it's hard for me to start a story and finish it. I have so many ideas but I get stuck quick. I never do outlines so maybe that's why but oh well.

Family: Mom is a right leg amputee, my eldest brother is gay and not ashamed at all, my second oldest brother lives in Kansas City and has a baby on the way, my youngest brother is wild and crazy, and I'm just... here lol

I don't watch t.v. but I do love to look at animes so if you guys have any suggestions then pm me. I love manga, too. Especially when it's really emotional and can make you cry.

Favorite manga: Beauty Pop, Nana, High School Debut, Emma, Kuroshitsuji, Two for the Dragon (I haven't finished it yet), Sand Chronicles, and a few others that I can't remember. Nana was the first so it'll always be dear to my heart.

Message me about anything you want! I'm always up for conversation!


Different people: Look! A bunny!!!

Me: Heh... whatever....


The Rejected Panther (Edited Version 1)

The Rejected Panther (Edited Version 1)

3 pages, updated Jun 28, 2014PG-13
226 reads votes 2 comments 0
The Panther and The Alpha

The Panther and The Alpha

11 parts / 8 pages, updated Apr 19, 2014PG-13
"'Panthers don't mate outside their race but if they do the bond isn't very strong.'" But what happens when the bond between the very beautiful rouge p... read more
14,087 reads votes 351 comments 34
Anime/Manga Reviews

Anime/Manga Reviews

1 page, updated Oct 25, 2013PG
50 reads votes 4 comments 4
The Rants of a Teen

The Rants of a Teen

2 parts / 1 page, updated Oct 09, 2013PG-13
The rants of me being a spoiled brat and unloading my problems on others. Please enjoy and have a great day!
39 reads votes 4 comments 4
The Rejected Panther

The Rejected Panther

2 parts / 2 pages, updated Sep 05, 2013PG-13
While Merit's boyfriend, Jake, was gone during the summer of their junior year, Kevin, Merit's impossible ex-mate, goes behind his father's back and starts a relation... read more
673 reads votes 14 comments 7
Of Corsets and Gentlemen

Of Corsets and Gentlemen

2 parts / 3 pages, updated Aug 30, 2013PG-13
Vivianne Jones has to bring honor back to her family and she already knows a way to go about it Make a successful debut. Check Catch the eye of an eligible youn... read more
170 reads votes 5 comments 7
Rejected by the Alpha werewolf but I'm a panther so I don't care!

Rejected by the Alpha werewolf but I'm a panther so I don't care!

22 parts / 25 pages, updated Jul 26, 2013PG-13VideoCompleted
MJ is a she-cat and her mate, the Alpha, rejected her so she sleeps with other guys to numb the pain in her heart.
127,172 reads votes 1,823 comments 153
What Matters Is Inside, Right?

What Matters Is Inside, Right?

1 page, updated Jul 04, 2013GCompleted
98 reads votes 5 comments 9
Broken Promises (Victorian Era)

Broken Promises (Victorian Era)

5 parts / 9 pages, updated Dec 26, 2012PG
Eleanor and Rosella are both in love. Eleanor's love interest proposed while Rosella's love interest is in love with a woman of the gentry. On the surface ev... read more
531 reads votes 13 comments 9
The Teacher Who Saved Their Lives (ON HOLD)

The Teacher Who Saved Their Lives (ON HOLD)

1 page, updated Aug 25, 2012PG-13Pictures
Mike, Liam, Sam, Ricky, and Vanessa are students at Winston Academy. As 4th year students they think they can still smoke, drink, have sex and st... read more
418 reads votes 2 comments 1
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