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Name kyra Horan,Styles,Payne,Tomlinson,Malik. dont judge me....
Location in one direction land
Birthday Jan 09
Member Since Apr 11, 2011
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l  \     _ ____    
l    \   /         O  \      
l   /  \____  ~_/      < READ KKHL99'S STORIES! >  
l   /        l_l         
I love wattpad! 
I can’t live without my best friends 
I have one direction infection (the irish one is sexy lln Niall girl over here!!)
i love Ed Sheeran Boys like Girls lady gaga p!nk and one direction 
my favorite albums +(ed sheeran) Take Me Home, Up All Night(one direction) the truth about love (pink)
don’t ask about my inside jokes they’re stupid 
I cant go a day with out Ed Sheeran or One Direction
I love animals like dogs and giraffes 
Dont be hatin playa i got my gang on my side *throws gang sign*
if you find my lost bafe tell her that I love the expression in her eyes 
dont tell anyone but i really am Arial
you must be on wattpad on january 9th cuz we all gonna party for me birthday!!!!!! and give me stuffes
I can forget or lose everything important 
dont trust me with something you cant live without. it will be gone in minutes
i cant find my way out of a elevator
I’m a lover not a fighter but I will fight for what I love,
unfollowers are peasants. dont be a peasant.
its a giant mushroom.... MAYBE ITS FRIENDLY!.
shut down computer. go outside. meet REAL people lol jk just go on your phone
to be old and wise you must have been young and stupid
Keep clam and love one direction 
picture not found? then keep looking
I can be your best friend and you can be my hommie. 
only you can save the forest.only i can watch you fail
dont worry i can fix it! (yeah right ;P)
kyra ♥ nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom [im eatting your face.] 
Spread the fail whale
 @bluelightning sup sister!
 @myread202 dont sass me
 @PwnedUMan 030 duck face
 @friends97 my account with an old friend
 @awesome-gurls my account with myread202


stuff to read!!!!!

stuff to read!!!!!

16 parts / 7 pages, updated Sep 10, 2013GVideo
: just a book about my crazy wonderful colorful thankful funny wacky goofy life and all the friends that come with it dont forget the unforgetable funny and bizzar times i've... read more
1,023 reads votes 56 comments 22


1 page, updated Mar 07, 2013
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kkhl99's Reading Listremember that one book you found? its in here

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the parking ticket one is wrong. you dont just say "FINE" you say "FINEEEEEEEEEEE" trust me it gets the ladies goin
Cheesy Pick Up Lines xD

bro bro bro bro bro youre causing my terrible feels and its not even noon brb dying
My Protector (Harry Styles)

holy shit im so different now like my favorites Niall and i hardly crack my knuckles any more weird....
stuff to read!!!!!

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