H-Haro, nya ^^
      Im an anime freak! 
      ive watched:
      naruto, deathnote, vampire knight, OHSHC, fruits basket, hell girl, black butler, tokyo mew mew, nabari no ou, trinity blood, chrome shelled regios, devil may cry*, soul eater, yu yu hakusho, attack on titan, sands of destruction, akuma no riddle...
      i love cats, nya...
      I'm a cat, nya...Well...kitten...I've got black fur, black ears, and have a tail that looks like a rabbit's tail because of my breed...*ears droop*...Its a short tail, nya...
      Maybe sometimes, I guess I'm so happy I can't stand living anymore...
      I love vocaloids! 
      Did i mention i liked cats?
      I draw anime ^^
      I like poetry.
      I'm in 8th grade..I-I love school and I'm a devoted band student...
      I go by Neko-Chan and Nekomi usually, nya...
      Fall Out Boy is my favorite band..
      Top 10 Favorite Anime Characters!
      (In order)
      1. Neji Hyuga -Naruto Shippuden/Naruto
      2. Akasuna no Sasori -Naruto Shippuden
      3. Deidara -Naruto Shippuden
      4. Snake -Black Butler
      5. Undertaker -Black Butler
      6. Death the Kid -Soul Eater
      7. Toph Beifong -Avatar The Last Airbender
      8. Kiku Honda (japan) -hetalia
      9. Utakata -Naruto Shippuden
      10. Kimimaro -Naruto
      Ish...= pokémon fanatic
      Guitar Hero obsessed
      Major Akatsuki Fankit...
      Huge Vocaloid fan..
      <3 ToKo
      NejiHina: Not Naruto.........
      Kid x Crona or Kid x Maka or Crona x Maka
      R.I.P. Akatsuki, who went down twice, but not without a fight, nya...
      Ulquiorra, who should've lived long enough to meet Rukia, nya...
      Neji, nya... TT^TT
      I have an obsession with:
      *heavy metal (eng/jap)
      |\ /\
      ( uu)_)
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    Where i don't belong...
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    3 years ago

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