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Hey! My name's Sidhiel (Sith-ee-ell) I am weird, random, and INSANE
Favorite color- blue and purple
Animal- all of them
Word- acceptince
Word that makes me laugh- slob
Friends- well ya know I have so many cuz I'm cool like that*tries to pull jacket on shoulders In a dramatic and cool way. Gets tangled in jacket*
Age- noneya buisness stalker
Location- Under your bed
Gender- female duh
Best friends: @elfsloveandnature she's so sweet nice and generous! I love you crazy girl :*
 @cookiepie8564 I only like you because you're friends with Irene XD but you're a fabulous writer! :)

If there's anything you want to know about me just message me and ask I will post it on here :)

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