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i'm a random person who loves reading, singing, writing(sometimes), and playing video games. but don't be supprized if i write a story and don't finish it. also if you see a story that you want me to continue on that i haven't posted on in a little while let me know otherwise it might just sit there. i don't know if this will happen but if so: if you want to use any of my charters please let me know and dedicate the first chapter to me
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i herd u liek mudkipz
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Crash Coarse Into My Fantasies

Crash Coarse Into My Fantasies

2 parts / 2 pages, updated Feb 19, 2014GVideo
i some how get pulled into my favorite animes and i get to see what happens when they collide
573 reads votes 24 comments 21
the horns

the horns

1 page, updated Jan 05, 2014
14 reads votes 0 comments 0


1 page, updated Aug 29, 2013
15 reads votes 0 comments 0
The Sweetest Hugs {Naruto Fanfic} (slow updates)

The Sweetest Hugs {Naruto Fanfic} (slow updates)

16 parts / 14 pages, updated Aug 31, 2012PG-13Pictures
what would you do if you had just had a hug that would calm you to your very soul? would you feel the same about that person if you found out h... read more
27,178 reads votes 672 comments 143
happyness  (the atty's 2012)

happyness (the atty's 2012)

1 page, updated Aug 28, 2012Completed
this is a poem i wrote for the atty's. please enjoy it.
16 reads votes 1 comments 0
I Wish {Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic}

I Wish {Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic}

5 parts / 3 pages, updated Jul 19, 2012PG-13Video
a wish. it all started with a wish. when you wish to leave the harsh words . . . the pressure. . . to start over. . . in a place where you know its not r... read more
1,290 reads votes 20 comments 9


14 parts / 1 page, updated Feb 09, 2012G
this will just be a random collection of poems i'll write when i'm bored.
723 reads votes 28 comments 40
Q&A session of terror + some

Q&A session of terror + some

2 parts / 1 page, updated Dec 19, 2011
random questions sent in by my fans
84 reads votes 4 comments 1
i'm seeing things again sis (a fanfic)

i'm seeing things again sis (a fanfic)

1 page, updated Aug 04, 2011G
u know your crazy when i make sense. when my sister and i get sucked up in some random vortex our knowledge of the many anime series is thrown up in the air. who knows were we may end up . . . or what we end up on . . .
199 reads votes 3 comments 2
Bounty Hunters: Now The Hunted

Bounty Hunters: Now The Hunted

4 parts / 1 page, updated Jun 28, 2011G
mia gets accused of murder and all of there friends are banished. follow along to see everyone's side of what happens. you'll see what happens to greed when push to the extreme
417 reads votes 7 comments 0
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@twaylem_818 I'm doing my best ish
The Sweetest Hugs {Naruto F...

Melody of Time -Naruto-

its not you that made me depressed. its my life. I know im not always the most vocal of supporters. but I am there.
Melody of Time -Naruto-

thanks that means alot. this is probly the only thing I still activly read on wattpad. almost gave up on it a cupple times. I got real depressed a...
Melody of Time -Naruto-

right? im having troble writing. I haven't really been able to for while. im glad you can. im still getting fans, and people aski g me to keep...
Melody of Time -Naruto-