i'm a random person who loves reading, singing, writing(sometimes), and playing video games. but don't be supprized if i write a story and don't finish it. also if you see a story that you want me to continue on that i haven't posted on in a little while let me know otherwise it might just sit there. i don't know if this will happen but if so: if you want to use any of my charters please let me know and dedicate the first chapter to me
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i herd u liek mudkipz
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Crash Coarse Into My Fantasies

Crash Coarse Into My Fantasies

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i some how get pulled into my favorite animes and i get to see what happens when they collide

The Sweetest Hugs {Naruto Fanfic} (slow updates)

The Sweetest Hugs {Naruto Fanfic} (slow updates)

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what would you do if you had just had a hug that would calm you to your very soul? would you feel the sa...

the horns

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short storys

short storys

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just random short stories i write

@AnnaReynolds929 I dont know if I can. so much has happened to me since the last time I sat down to write this or any of my stories. I'm not in the same state of mind. if I do, and or can it will be different from the story I originally wanted it to be. and I'm a full time college student now. no longer in high school were I can bs school and scrape by. my grades here affect my future with me and my boyfriend