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Hi! It's me, Kierra. 

Like everyone here, I am in love with reading, and I'm married to writing (lol). I'm trying my best to be a better writer, so, uhhh, help me? Okay, I sound retarded. Anyways, if you want me to read your stories, just say so :) But I hope you return the favor, too. When I'm in the mood, I often write good reviews about stories and post them as comments :) 

I love music. I can play the guitar, but I'm not a good singer. I'm currently trying to learn the violin, but LOL, I don't think I'm going anywhere. 

If anyone's wondering, I also like art :)) Cliche much, right?

I don't really plan to have a famous story here in Wattpad. For me, it's enough as long as there's someone out there who's reading it, appreciating it, and supporting me. 

Well, I was bored so I'm writing these random facts: 

-Someday, I wish I could actually write a song. 
-Taylor Swift? Wait, did I just hear you say my fave singer's name? 
-Don't you think CHASE ELLISON is just so cute? Oh, gosh. Watch the December 5th episode of How I Met Your Mother, and dare to contradict this fact. 
-Alex Pettyfer <3 My favorite movie (with him in it) is Wild Child. Check it out!
-Logan Lerman. Oh, goodness. Have you ever seen him in The Three Musketeers? He rocks. \m/
-If I DID write a song, I'd want one to be titled "Stereotype" 
-I <3 Sterling Knight. 
-Does it sound like I'm too boy-crazed over celebrities? Cause, well, I guess I am. :P
-One Direction! <3 Oh gosh Harry. *_*

Thanks for wasting your time to read my profile. XD


Remy Unenchanted

Remy Unenchanted

12 parts / 28 pages, updated Aug 02, 2013
‘A seventeen year-old fairy godmother trainee gets a new assignment: The hottest GUY at school. Easy, right? Wrong.’ Magically poofing in somebody’s bathroom while that ... read more
53,829 reads votes 1,423 comments 328
Kiss and List

Kiss and List

4 parts / 11 pages, updated Mar 23, 2013PG
“Some people say that their lives suck. Well, let me tell you what sucks. First, I’m a seventeen year-old girl who would rather receive an unabridged Oxford’s English Dictio... read more
12,829 reads votes 348 comments 151


41 parts / 104 pages, updated Sep 01, 2012PG-13PicturesCompleted
‘He went out of the room. In his boxers. Again. Like the laws and principles of the universe, which were scientifically proven, I couldn’t help but scowl. He smirked. “Well, s... read more
1,579,208 reads votes 23,711 comments 2,008
The Concept of Perfection

The Concept of Perfection

27 parts / 63 pages, updated Nov 29, 2011PGCompleted
After an accident claims her twin’s life, Addy’s “perfect life” falls apart. She had the greatest friends, the most understanding family, the perfect best friend ... read more
224,771 reads votes 3,912 comments 451
My Heart Will Go On

My Heart Will Go On

3 pages, updated Aug 27, 2011Completed
Distant hearts beating together as one, In a short space, a teardrop falls. Like a short breath; a raspy sound, My broken fairytale--as fragile as ruined walls. -excerpt from Serra's diary
1,712 reads votes 70 comments 32
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