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                          ❝a l l   m y   s a n d   c a s t l e s   f a l l 
                                      l i k e   t h e    a s h e s
                                  o f   c i g a r e t t e s   a n d
                   e v e r y   w a v e   d r a g s   m e   t o   s e a❞

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(um these stories were written mostly when i was 13-14 years old, and, quite frankly, they suck monkey balls. i suggest  not reading any of them)
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Remy Unenchanted

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Description: ‘A seventeen year-old fairy godmother trainee gets a new assignment: The hottest GUY at school. Easy, right? Wrong.’ Magically poofing in somebody’s bathroom while that somebody is taking a shower is not the best way to start off a friendshi...

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goldeneyeshadow posted a message to kierra97
Hi! I just finished "The Concept of Perfection"- loved it! But, quick question: Was it ever clearly explained how Adrian died? Was it in the same street fight as Vince? Also, I understand that she loved him and he was her boyfriend, but why was Adria more traumatized from losing her boyfriend than her brother?
maddey123 posted a message to kierra97
Hi I just wanted to say I'm reding your book unexpectedly and I'm on chapter 16. The chapter is really confusing. Shea was on a sidewalk covered in spaghetti and then she was at school. I was wondering if u could put a line or something to tell us when they r in a different place.
NoorS11 posted a message to kierra97
hi. loved your book concept of perfection. if it's not too much I'd like to tell you something.
when I read concept of perfection it made me really emotional. it's hard to lose someone. I did too. but what I felt after reading your book I wrote it in a poem. called breakaway.  it's dedicated to you. please some day find some time n read it. it would mean the world to me  
Noor :)