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Name ...This one chick...named Brittany
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Sooo... I could probably go on and list 20 bagillion facts about myself. But, I won't.

Let's just say, I love the theatre. Plays. Musicals. You name it, and I love it.


Oh yeah! I love to read anything, and everything! So if you have something you want me to read, just message me!

Yeah, that's it! :)
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I really wanna know what his name is. Also, what Allie is running from/hiding from her sister! This story is getting intense!

You've teased us with a little snippet of Roslyn and Fiona! I loved both Sottish Beauty and Scottish Destiny. Both were wonderful stories! I'm...
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Bahahaha!!! I DID NOT see that coming! Oh geez. I can't wait to see how Finn and Cass handle Dad being on the train with them!
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Well, I think it's safe to say that Seamus is, indeed, a bastard. However, I'm all for the Cassandra/Finnegan couple. Once Finn realizes his...
To Love A Wild Irishman

That ending was just cruel! But on a happier note, she drew strength from Taylor and not Lucian. She's slowly starting to accept her new mate!
Burning Love