Hey guys! I'm 18 years old and a typical teenager. I'm a sophomore in college and an average student. I sleep & eat during class. I'm a devoted catholic but I love homos. Lol. (They're fun to be with.) I love Matt Lanter, Alex Pettyfer, One Direction and other hot guys. I'm totally in love with all of them. I'm obsessed with books. I totally love Nicholas Sparks and Mitch Albom books. They're awesome authors. And I'M A PROUD FILIPINO. Hell yeah, I'm Asian.

1. pessimistic
2. moody
3. emotionally detached
4. weird
5. a Grammar nazi
6. fun to be around with (according to my friends)
7. a Swiftie, Lovatic, Directioner and JBnoy.


Most of my friends describe me as crazy because I love laughing and I have a crazy laugh that makes everyone think I'm having an asthma attack. I also love singing even if singing hates me. My classmates always beg me to stop singing but of course, being a good person that I am, I sing louder. I don't have the perfect life but I'm happy with everything. I have the best friends in the whole world who can laugh and cry with me. I have more guy best friends than girls but those girls are special. <3

yeah, i'm a weird person but love me or hate me, I'm still ME. :)
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