Facts About Me

1.I adore Harry Potter, I’ve been reading it since I was five. My mom started reading it to me when I was two or three. I love the movies, but the books are better.
2.I’m addicted to Criminal Minds. If you haven’t seen it look it up it's amazing.
3.I am mildly OCD and am an introvert. 
4.I love to write. The problem is I am really ADD about my stories and I get writer’s block constantly. I will start a story and then start another and never finish the first one. That’s why uploads are so inconsistent. I’m sorry.
5.I love my fans. You make my life better. When I check my email and have a bazillion emails from wattpad it makes me want to jump up and down.
6.I love quotes. I have hundreds of them saved. If you know any cool ones send them to me.
7. Nerfighters=EPIC! Again, if you don't get it look it up. Youtube vlogbrothers
8. I love when I finish things. It makes me feel accomplished.
9.I am insanely stubborn and sarcastic. In real life my friends are very aware of this. 
10.I have a fanfiction.net account. It is the same username as this one. I mainly use it for CM and HP.
11.I love the people who are part of the Criminal Minds Weekly Prompts on fanfiction. They are amazing and should all be given cookies.
12.I love my wattpad family, even though I very rarely talk to them anymore. They are freaking awesome.
13.13 is my favorite number

I'm currently unable to take requests for reads. I apologize. 

If you want to cowrite something with me ask! I do have 2 requests however. One, have a story idea, either original or one you or I have given up on. Also, please be prepared to edit your work, because I am OCD and don't want to spend hours fixing your work.

I published something! Call Me Crazy(extended) is availiable on smashwords for free.

I am currently working on Uncovering Secrets and Locked In.

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Uncovering Secrets (On Hold)

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Description: Now that Voldemort knows that Sky exists she isn't really a big secret anymore, instead it's time for her to start figuring out where she fits into the changing world around her. With her godfathers escape from Azkaban, finding her cousin, and the T...

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