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Hello, My name is Kayla.
I'm a crazy insomniac weirdo.
I enjoy sitting in my closet accompanied by my friend, Closet Clown.
My hobbys include, writing, drawing, listening to music, and talking to myself.
I don't likt brocolli, cauliflower, or people staring at me while I eat.
And I hate Justin Beiber and Jersey Shores with a burning passion.
Nice to meet you.

91% of girls would be dead if the Justin Bieber decided breathing wasn't cool. Put this on your profile if you are part of the 9% who would be cracking up! (i'm part of the 9%)

my chemical romance,
╔══╦═╦═╗Put this on your
║║║║╠╣╠╣profile if you ♥ MCR!
rise against, 
escape the fate,
falling in reverse, 
stone temple pilots, 
sixx a.m, 
deathcab for cutie
cage the elephant
bullet for my valntine
the cure,
avenged sevenfold
pink floyd, 
alice in chains
black veil brides,
bring me the horizon
and panic! at the disco.

My Favorite authors are,
Stephen King, Langston Hughes, Heather Brewer (whom I have met ^-^), Ray Bradbury, Suzzane Collins, and Darren Shan!
My favorite movies are, sucker punch, whip it, kill bill, spirited away, moulin rouge, nightmare on elm street, the saw movies, and the shining.
 I love video games too and manga!!!!! which include, kingom hearts, assassins creed, bioshock, , harvest moon... and my fave mangas are BLEACH <3, the crow, deathnote, fullmetal alchemist, chibi vampire, march story, bakuman, genkaku picasso,itsuwaribito, nigtmares and fairytales, ummmm i love books peroid! 
I love spending time with my friends.;) and i really love listening to music if you couldn 't already tell XDDDD
♫.█▀█▀█ █♫█ █▀ ▀ █▀♫
♪..█♫█♪.█ █♪.█ █▄ █ █♪
.♫█♪.█♫█ █▄█ ▄█ █ █▄♫
...♪...♫...♪..♫...♪...♫...♪..♫ ...♪
................▀ █▀
..............♪...█ █▄
...............█ ▄█

..♪.....█♫.▀ █▀ █▀ █
......♫█♪. █ █▄ █▄ █
♪.......█▄ █ █♫.█▄ ▄


Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels

1 page, updated Jun 05, 2011
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Jason Binx And The Curse Of The Massacre Manor

Jason Binx And The Curse Of The Massacre Manor

20 parts / 20 pages, updated May 24, 2011PG-13PicturesCompleted
Jason Binx and His friend Greg Walsh plan to make a documentary of the 'haunted' Massacre Manor, but when things take a turn for the worst will Binx be able to fix everything and still come out alive?
51,927 reads votes 801 comments 454
The Graveyard

The Graveyard

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The White Room

The White Room

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Black Nail Polish

Black Nail Polish

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tags / black death nails
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One Of The Nobodies

One Of The Nobodies

1 page, updated Mar 15, 2011
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Not The Same Anymore

Not The Same Anymore

1 page, updated Mar 14, 2011
676 reads votes 6 comments 10
The Innocence Of Youth

The Innocence Of Youth

1 page, updated Mar 14, 2011Completed
758 reads votes 17 comments 20
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