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"When I jab you with my sword, you'll feel it." —  Hook, OUAT
"What's so special about this Bella girl, Edward is so whipped." — Damon, VD
I have Googled the height of all the men in tv shows/movies I've  watched.  #tallgirlprobs
 I ℓ٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥υ all.  

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Description: Omertà- noun (as practiced by the Mafia) a code of silence about criminal activity and a refusal to give evidence to authorities. Scarlett moves into her new apartment with the mentality that she will start fresh and rule her own life. But when she...

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The Book of Truths and Cats

The Book of Truths and Cats

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Death Is My BFF (Rewritten!)

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Death Is My BFF (Book 1 - Watty Award Winner 2011) *ORIGINAL SERIES*

Death Is My BFF (Book 1 - Watty Award Winner 2011) *ORIGINAL SERIES*

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This is the first book of the Original Death Is My BFF Series, which won the Watty Awards in 2011! *** D...

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Bleeding Royalty (Revamped)

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Crycest posted a message to katrocks247
I really love your writing style, and you're obviously very experienced, but I'm seeing instances in your books, like Omertà, that are signs of an abusive relationship. The Death Is My BFF series is probably the only straight romance book on here that I've enjoyed, but if you didn't, could you add trigger warnings? I don't really remember if you  already do have them or not, it's been a while, and if you already do, awesome! Anyways, I love your writing and stories, but once again, they are kinda abusive.
Mety1545 posted a message to katrocks247
Heeeyy!!!! I love the death is my bff series, I would love it if you updated the fifth book though. Either way, I really love your work. I honestly want to be as good as you. You are creative and just AWESOME!!! I also love Omerta with a passion! keep doing what your doing!!! Hope you get published!
adogra74 posted a message to katrocks247
I luv ur books!just wondering when ur gonna update Omerta coz I'm so hooked to it ! It's the most amazing book iv read on wattpad ! N I v read many !