I'm pretty bad at writing about myself, but here we go!!
  Hello there!! I'm Katie Jane!! I am from the lovely island of Ireland, and no, I am not a leprechaun nor do I have red hair!! My hair is actually a horrible brown/blond colour!! Even though I have friends with much lighter hair than mine, I'm still the 'biggest blond around' according to most of them. 

    Here are some random facts about me:
•I have dark grey eyes, though none of my family do. 
•I am an only child!! Woop!!
•I have two little dogs, one very smart, one very simple!!
•I am OBSESSED with The Avengers!! I am not kidding!! Especially Thor (Chris Hemsworth!!). 
•I am also OBSESSED with Harry Potter and all things related, like AVPM!! 
•My two favourite quotes are: "Pigfarts, Pigfarts, here I come. Pigfarts, Pigfarts, yum yum yum." (AVPM) And "'I have an army. 'We have a Hulk!!'" (The Avengers)
•I love Olly Murs!! And I mean LOVE!!
•If you are a directioner, you shouldn't bother sticking around, as i currently can't stand one direction. 
•I am in Third year (yay junior cert) :(
•I am an Irish Dancer and proud!!!
•I love horses and have a really cheesy dream of moving to the states yo run a horse ranch!! I know, but some dreams come true!!
•If you know me, you will know that I spend almost all of my time reading, whether it be Wattpad or a book!!
•I always leave things untill the last minute!!
•I am brutal at catching and throwing. 
•I'm the fastest girl in my class!!
•I love animals and used to belive that I could   talk to them!! 
•I am currently single!! (But married to Olly Murs in my head!!)

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