Well hiya a little about me. hmmmm...
      My birthday is June 6th and I'm in love with that date :) 
      ~~~*****I am absolutely IN LOVE with Fractured by Dadelik !!!! Check out her page !! http://wattpad.com/dadelik
      1) I am absolutely in love with reading i feel like I'm in a different world when I'm reading. 
      2)I have a very adorable baby sister thats only 3!but she acts like she's already 10 <3 but it gets really annoying when she constantly fights with you.
      3) I love werewolf and romance stories
      4) I love Starbucks Caramel Frappichino or Dunkin Donuts Caramel Mocha cofee and i get really hyper
      5) Im kind of spontaneous, sometimes really hyper for 20 minutes then all calm and relaxed
      6)I go to private school 
      7)I have a really amazing best friend named Kayla that is so weird she makes me look like I'm the most normal person on earth compared to her and i also miss her like crazy due to me changing to private school
      8) I love to dance its my life inside and outside of school
      9) I hate fake bitches thats why i get along better with guys!
      10) And one of my most amazing best friends for 5 years @LexiDaniels_
      11) I secretly wish to be a werewolf as dorky as it sounds i just like the whole idea about having a mate
      !2) I cannot absolutely wait till i can move so far out of florida and surrounding states :)  
      ~=~AMAZING BANDS and artist (not in order and not all there)
              ~the ready set (Jordan <3)
             ~30 seconds to mars (jared leto <3)
             ~my chemical romance (gerard and mikey way <3)
             ~Jake miller
             ~CONOR MAYNARD <333
             ~Justin Nozuka 
             ~ Cage the elephant 
            ~Jason Mraz 
            ~the used
            ~Mumford and sons 
      ~~And feel free to talk to me i don't bite but i wish i could like a werewolf ok but off topic.. but I'm a nice person sometimes as long as u don't get on my bad side :)
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    bipolar florida
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Description: Just a short small story of reading between the lines of my life. Can u please comment at least and tel me your point and spread it others! Thank you!!!!


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