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my name's kathy,(:

i go to EHS


i like reading scary things.!:O

uhhm i think thats it?:)
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Daddy's Little Girl  ~COMPLETE~

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soooo this is over D:
Daddy's Little Girl ~COMPL...

@MikeTurpen hahaa i'll try not to.!:D
Daddy's Little Girl ~COMPL...

oh goodness.!!!!! this has me all anxious .!! great chapter.!:D
Daddy's Little Girl ~COMPL...

@MikeTurpen like a week and a half?xD hahaa sorry for being so impatient but so far from all the books i've read on wattpad your's is the best,!:O
Daddy's Little Girl ~COMPL...

!!D: next chapter should be long.! its not fair i've waited soo long for this chapter, and it ended as another cliff hanger.... :C
Daddy's Little Girl ~COMPL...