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To say the very least: I'm a colorblind artist, a dyslexic writer, and a punctuation-illiterate editor (thanks to AlexNoThoughts for first asking me to be her editor and for introducing me to Wattpad).

I like to draw and I drew my profile picture, the covers for all my stories, the back ground and etc. 

If you want to check out my work visit my DeviantArt page below:

My animation projects are on YouTube now too: 

Or if you happen to play on or want to join, send me a friend request: 

Well, only thing left for me to say is, as always, have fun and enjoy. Thanks!



I Train with Dragons

I Train with Dragons

25 parts / 80 pages, updated Aug 21, 2014
Illia and Gorakir have cleared the trials of Dragos Asiverith. Except when they think the ordeal is over they find a dark and dangerous secret that only the shadows can answer. Book Two
15,284 reads votes 535 comments 117
Facing the beast in a hostile world (Inuyasha world) Book Two

Facing the beast in a hostile world (Inuyasha world) Book Two

12 parts / 32 pages, updated Jun 08, 2014
Aniu and Kadomo’s journey isn’t over yet. With their new friend Koke they are on their way to finally rid themselves of the Sacred Jewel... read more
2,447 reads votes 94 comments 21
To Quarrel with the Bread and Butter

To Quarrel with the Bread and Butter

49 parts / 58 pages, updated Aug 04, 2013PG-13
[Always open to new requests] It's back and newly improved! Enjoy all the benefits of reviews and tips without the crazy flutter and vagueness of some of the others. It’s certainly one way to get honest and detailed opinions on all your hard work.
2,380 reads votes 92 comments 113
I Dream of Dragons

I Dream of Dragons

31 parts / 110 pages, updated Aug 04, 2013Completed
When her father was killed protecting a dragon’s egg, Illia turned her back on the world of Magic. So what is she supposed to do when she finds the very egg that caused her father’s death and the creature magically links with her? Book One
36,929 reads votes 834 comments 172
Lone wolf in a hostile world (Inuyasha world) Book One~*Being revised*~

Lone wolf in a hostile world (Inuyasha world) Book One~*Being revised*~

78 parts / 125 pages, updated Feb 13, 2012Completed
The land of feudal Japan is a hostile place for humans, demons, those caught in between and even shape shifting devil wolves. A story of ... read more
71,749 reads votes 817 comments 70
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Awe, thank you! :D
Lone wolf in a hostile worl...

I'll do my best to get another chapter out soon :D
I Train with Dragons

Ah, ok :)
I Train with Dragons

Hopefully that's not a bad thing ^^;
I Train with Dragons

lol spell check fail on my part, thanks for pointing it out :)
I Dream of Dragons