To say the very least: I'm a colorblind artist, a dyslexic writer, and a punctuation-illiterate editor (thanks to AlexNoThoughts for first asking me to be her editor and for introducing me to Wattpad).

I like to draw and I drew my profile picture, the covers for all my stories, the back ground and etc. 

If you want to check out my work visit my DeviantArt page below:


My animation projects are on YouTube now too:


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Well, only thing left for me to say is, as always, have fun and enjoy. Thanks!

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I Train with Dragons

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Description: Illia and Gorakir have cleared the trials of Dragos Asiverith. Except when they think the ordeal is over they find a dark and dangerous secret that only the shadows can answer. Book Two

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Facing the beast in a hostile world (Inuyasha world) Book Two

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Lone wolf in a hostile world (Inuyasha world) Book One~*Being revised*~

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I Dream of Dragons

I Dream of Dragons

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Hmm, that’s a really good question! I’m going to have to hash that out while revising in later editions. (This book was supposed to be about 10+ chapters longer then it ended up being, so a lot of things were left out and rushed)

But as I was writing I had the idea in my head that they traveled roughly 20 000 km (since it wasn’t a straight shot there) with about 5 hours actual travel time at 60 km/h. That is until near the end when Jerigel left, then they pushed themselves to double the fly time.

I know, it's so full of holes it’s not even funny lol