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hmm what can i say about me?

I like to experiment with food, and try out combinations. Cheese puffs and chocolate chip cookies don't go together bleurgh, heed my advice and don't try it out. 

My craving for chocolate and ice cream is my weak spot :) so you can bribe me with chocolate, just not dark chocolate, i can't stand dark chocolate but don't use that as an advantage :P

As you can see by being on wattpad, reading books is one of many hobbies, and i'd probably call myself a bookworm, i recommend this website: you can rate and give reviews on books and discuss it i think, yeah and you can quote books if you want.

TV shows i watch, and of course like: The Inbetweeners, The Big Bang Theory, Come Dine With Me, Doctor Who, Merlin and many more, which i can't recall right now. 

The Doctor is the best alien ever in my opinion, i mean who else tricks daleks into believing he can blow things up with a jammie dodger as a detonater, and escapes death by regenerating or making a clone robot of himself. Defo Whovian :D xx

Favourite Films: this list would go on forever so i won't start

Harry Potter, is something i really like, i've done lots of sorting hat quizes and get lots of different houses :S i don't know what house i'd get sorted in to so i'm going to let pottermore decide, when it actually comes out!

Music: kinda varies, i listen to rock, some metal and i like dubstep. i don't hate a specific genre, but there are some i don't even listen to at all, like country, and not a big fan of pop.

Bands i listen to and love: Queen, The Doors, The Beatles, Foo Fighters, Nirvana R.I.P Kurt Cobain, Metallica, MCR, Evanascence, Guns n Roses, Bullet For My Valentine, 30STM, Linkin Park and many more..

I can't help/stop myself from procastinating when i should be revising or doing my homework
I'm always up for adventures,and love exploring another of my hobbies i share with my friends.

umm, that's about all i can say right now about myself.

Au revoir :)


The Time Traveller (title may change)

The Time Traveller (title may change)

2 pages, updated Apr 09, 2013
What would you do if you had a super ability... lets say time travel? Meet Gwen, a typical 18 year old girl, getting on with her typical tedious life..... read more
25 reads votes 1 comments 0
Am I Really Who I Think I Am? [Under Construction]

Am I Really Who I Think I Am? [Under Construction]

6 parts / 15 pages, updated Jun 09, 2012
Sky Williams is an ordinary teenager or so she thinks..... she goes to her normal high school in England, but she's always wanted to have a... read more
728 reads votes 100 comments 125
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