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The Elf Maiden and the Huntsman

The Elf Maiden and the Huntsman

4 pages, updated Jan 06, 2013PGCompleted
After a little girl gets into a fight with her brother, their father haphazardly makes up a fairy tale to restore the peace. The children and their mother ... read more
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Little Treasures

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Wow! I've been away from Wattpad too long! Thanks a bunch for the dedication. Your characters are really enjoyable, I'll definitely read the other...
Little Treasures

This is amazing! Although I've never surfed personally, your description still makes me feel I can understand how people get drawn into that...
Can't Get Enough

Your writing looks alright for the most part, but the whole slab of lyrics on the first page is a little off-putting. I understand you really like...

@LadyHarlequin Thank you so much for your kind words! I've toiled really hard over every sentence, even that synopsis, and it's great to hear the...
The Elf Maiden and the Hunt...

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