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College was sometime in the last century, the '60s and '70's as I recall. Since then I have worked as a design engineer in the construction industry designing and building tire plants, hospitals, brewerys and data centers among a number of other structures. Three years ago I was challenged when I criticized the plot of a story that my wife and I were watching unfold on television.

"I could write better than that, " I proclaimed.
"Oh yeah," she chuckled, "Go ahead, big guy."

The gauntlet was thrown down in front of me - I had to respond - but I am not a writer - I am a builder - not a teller of tales. 

I decided to give it a try, I would assemble a few hundred words on some nasty topic and when she read it, she would laugh, say it was terrible and I would be off the hook.

Well, I wrote a couple of thousand words and she read it.
"Not bad," she said.
"Damn," said I, "Now I have to continue."
My first finished book is titled "To Probe A Beating Heart". This is a story about a boy becoming a serial killer. His first victims were small animals trapped in a wood near his home. When he is discharged from the army, he turns his attention to his real objectives. His mother and sister. 
 The twist is in the evidence that cannot be found and his ability to sidestep the authorities until . . . .

Book number two is ready to come out. As I write this , my graphic designer is putting the finishing touches on the cover and bookmarks. This one is titled "KILLING HIS FEAR". The story is about a man who lives in constant fear of the unknown, the unseen. His fear originated in his viewing of an old Frankenstein movie and his nightmares of grey men in the shadows continue for years. When he finds a means of quelling the fear, it eventually leads him into a downward spiral that he cannot escape.

The more that I write, the more I enjoy it. I am no longer building things of concrete and steel, but rather of words. 

I hope you find my writing as much fun reading as I did in writing.
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