I end up writing a lot in my car. I park in some parking lot and eat my breakfast. Then I write for about an hour and then I go to work. It's the hardest and the easiest part of my day. :-D

My profile pic? I'm kind of obsessed with eyewear for now...for whatever reason...

Just so I remember for myself:

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Okay. Just a couple of things. ^_^

1) Please do not edit my works for spelling or grammar. Thanks!

2) I am so sorry people, but I no longer take read requests. Any requests left anywhere on my pages will be quickly deleted. Again, I am so sorry about that. Thank you for paying attention to this. :-)

I thank you guys so much for following! ^_^ You're the best!! Oh I'm so sorry, but I...uh...I don't do the...the 'follow back' thing. Sorry! :P


Writing is like bleeding.
I can only do a little bit at a time. It's very painful.
I do a little, and then I rest.
I do a little, and then I rest, again.
Eventually what takes shape is a smaller version of me, but still every bit me,
because at its most basic--it is me.
This other version of me, this littler one, unlike the real version of me

will live forever.

And that's neither a good thing nor a bad thing. It just is.


I would like to show my special gratitude to @audreymei, as she has read every last little word that I've posted on wattpad so far! ^_^ Thank you!
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john_chan commented on Brothers

Hahaha! >.< This is so funny, really! Because I wish I could, but my head is so filled with my other project, Tree of Life III, that it was a wonder I got as much done as I did with this one! Hahaha! But that's quite a compliment, honestly. Thank you! :-)
Shikalalala posted a message to john_chan
Hi :) If ever its possible. But can I ask you some question? Can I? I need some info.s about you because we use your story Tree of Life for our book review. So pls allow mee to ask some. Its not too personal don't worry. Thaaanks :) Btw were High School Students from Philippines ♡