I end up writing a lot in my car. I park in some parking lot and eat my breakfast. Then I write for about an hour and then I go to work. It's the hardest and the easiest part of my day.

Just so I remember for myself:

2012 04 12 SF 01
2013 05 11 - 07 27 SS 01
~11 weeks ( ! )

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Tree of Life
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Okay. Just a couple of things. ^_^

1) Please do not edit my works for spelling or grammar. Thanks!

2) I am so sorry people, but I no longer take read requests. Any requests left anywhere on my pages will be quickly deleted. Again, I am so sorry about that. Thank you for paying attention to this. :-)

I thank you guys so much for following! ^_^ You're the best!! Oh I'm so sorry, but I...uh...I don't do the...the 'follow back' thing. Sorry! :P


Writing is like bleeding.
I can only do a little bit at a time.
It's very painful.
I do a little, and then I rest.
I do a little, and then I rest, again.
Eventually what takes shape is a smaller version of me, but still every bit me, because at its most basic--it is me.

This other version of me, this littler one, unlike the real version of me

will live forever.


I would like to show my special gratitude to @audreymei, as she has read every last little word that I've posted on wattpad so far! ^_^ Thank you!

And as always, thanks to Cantabile for all eternity for all of her marvelous covers.
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Halcyon01 posted a message to john_chan
Hey john, still a big fan. I was hoping that you could take a look at what I have so far on the book, maybe get a few tips or notes, it'd be really helpful.
Kuro33 posted a message to john_chan
Hey!!!! Just wanna say thank you again for your stories, they were a big help to get my mind off of stress and stuff like that!!!! Always when I finished one book of tree of life I then imagined a movie of it,would be cool,huh??!!! *~*
john_chan commented on Tree of Life - Book I Chapter 03

Hi ya! Thanks for reading! :-)
      Now, you gotta remember, it has been a number of years since I was in high school and I had been to a few different ones. In one of them, we would have all the classes on Mon, Wed, Fri in order, and then all the classes in reverse order on Tue and Thursdays. They were called, 'day 1s' and 'day 2s'. Just for a bit of variation, I guess. :P
      And then there was another one where the schedule for the students were all different because the kids all took different electives and man! That was a bit of a mess. >.< So, I guess with the story, I just assumed that some of the schools of today might be like that too.
      Sorry for the long reply! =]