My, aren't you nosy aren't you! 

Hehehe just kidding!

Welcome but I am afraid you’re in for a disappointment....because I am boring!

I am so boring in fact that I was the one who made sleeping beauty fall asleep!

The whole finger pricking story was just to make it sound interesting! 

Yes, I am just that old! 

I encourage you to read my stories though, they aren't like me

I believe them to be fun and entertaining!

And if you’re wondering Jilguera means a female golden finch (a bird) in Spanish...the one that's as my pic, obviously. :P

Okay so some stuff about me: I am in my early thirties, mom of  three great little devils and wife, Spent 7 years in Spain.  My favorite foods are anything with nuts, and in my opinion between vampires and werewolves...Werewolves beat Vamps any day...so much cuter, lol! Anyways I love reading and reading feedback on my work. Just makes me feel all squishy inside :D

  I will take reading requests but I don't guarantee that I will read what you request! I prefer genres of paranormal, thriller, horror, well written werewolf, and romance. I DON'T usually get into teen fiction, inspirational or poetry I might check it out but I probably will only read a page if that. I DON'T ever read fan fiction. If you request it I won't read it!


Favorite Series:

Walking Dead
Game of Thrones
Once Upon a Time

Favorite Books:

Lord of the Rings
Game of Thrones
My Life As a White Trash Zombie
Shakespearean plays
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My Next Door Neighbor

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Description: Trent Harrison has been living in the tiny town of Maplewood for nearly a month now. Despite the nosey locals and the over friendly women carrying pies and caseroles it's just what he needs. His own private escape from a pushy mother and a ex that j...

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Hey Everyone, I am back...ish. I think I'm finally going to get some time to actually sit down and write (yay!!!). So hopefully I will have some updates for you soon, the first will be My Next Door Neighbor. I alway want to thank everyone that has stuck around and waited for me. I really super apperciate it
nyliaj4201 posted a message to jilguera
I can't find your third theriantrope book in your works section on the app or the desktop version of wattpad. Are you finished with the second book or is the third book just not showing up on the server? Thanks for the stories, by the way. Very interesting. I like your writing style. Keep on keeping on.

P.S. Congratulations on the new bundle o'  joy