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Fate's Mistake

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@xoxobesties u know i was jsut joshin with ya...but...yeah! :D
Love, or Arrange Marriage?

This chapter was not and i repeat NOT crappy at all! Great decription and detail! p.s: watch that language ;)
Love, or Arrange Marriage?

I FINALLY READ!!!!! Let me just say.... AWESOME :) I luv how u bring the new Muslim love to wattpad. Even though I only read the introduction I...
Love, or Arrange Marriage?

Hey guys injust read chapter two and I thought it was amazing! Keep up the good work:) i luv u guys ( #1 fan-Jess )
Fate's Mistake

Hey guys it's Jess! I just read the first part and I have one word to say... AMAZING!!! I can't believe how detailed u two are. I was already into...
Fate's Mistake