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So I don't really know what to write so...I'll just list some random facts about me:

I don't write any books, i just read them.
I have been ADDICTED to wattpad ever since my friend introduced me to it last june.
I LOVE food!!
oh! I LOVE sleep too!
My favourite TV show is Criminal Minds
Did i mention that i love food?
My favourite colour is purple. And blue. So I guess I have two favourite colours..

Thats basically it. 
My life in 7 lines. 
wow... that's kinda pathetic..
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Wow... I dot know whether to think "WTF?!" or "holy crap you are a genius!". This was by far the best thriller i have ever read :)
The Cellar

Oh my god... this book was so amazing! with so many twists and turns it was... amazing! I cannot wait for the next chapter! :)

oh my didn't expect that ending...

Love your book!
Project Popularity

Wow... amazing book! I could not stop reading this. It's so original and just... AMAZING!!! You're a very talanted writer :)