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some things you might not no about me:
-i love adding extra letters when i type(not now..)
-i only no one person on here in real life(sister @thepandalover22 and @TaraP811 
-my beat friend on here is @UnicornsAreCool47  (we have some name and some fav song:))
-im one of those girls who would die for one direction:)
-i love pandas!!
-i like to joke a lot
-i love animal print:)
-i have glasses
-i love getting new stuff
-my sister and mom says i horde stuff-.-
-i will talk to anyone on here:)
-i say i have no life a lot:) even though i do have one:p
-i love going to six fags and talking to random people
-i want to be a hair styles
-i don't like bullying
-i don't spend a lot of time on wattpad:(
-i have and adorable baby sister:D
-i like romance stories
-i write lots of different types of stories

Well that's most of it...i think..yeah. well thanks for reading hope you fan mee!:)


Im the One.

Im the One.

1 page, updated Oct 27, 2012
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The Sole

The Sole

1 page, updated May 13, 2012PG-13
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Bullied, Bullies, and Advice

Bullied, Bullies, and Advice

3 pages, updated Apr 13, 2012GPictures
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@thepandalover22 ahh thanks
The Sole

Sorry about the Sole and Soul! Please leave a comment of what you think!
The Sole

@thepandalover22 thanks for the readd!
Bullied, Bullies, and Advice

Hi! thankyou all for reading! if i spelled anything rong please leave a comment and tell me! and if you have any idea for me to like add something...
Bullied, Bullies, and Advice