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The Name is Alicia :P
I'm almost 14 years young(:
I write stories that might blow you away ;]
I LOVE writing(:
I HATE reading boring stories,
But I LOVE reading good ones ;]
I LOVE and I will LOVE u if you become a Fan(: 
Haha read my stories, check em out, you wont be sorry.(:

92% of girls would be dead if Justin Bieber decided breathing wasn't cool. Put this on your profile if you are part of the 8% who would be cracking up!


My Teddy Bear Is EVIL

My Teddy Bear Is EVIL

4 parts / 2 pages, updated May 01, 2011PG
Lilly is a 8-year-old girl who discovers her teddy bear is a stuffed animal that comes alive. It all starts out when Teddy, the bear, tells Lilly to 'Find the Key'. She goes through ups and downs with this doll, including death. Read On!!!
1,361 reads votes 26 comments 26
Being Kidnapped

Being Kidnapped

1 page, updated May 01, 2011PG
Juliette is a 14 year old teenager who falls in love with a boy named Charlie. It all starts out when He asks her out on a date. Something odd happens and Juliette can't stop it. Will she still love Charlie?
187 reads votes 5 comments 3
The Slasher

The Slasher

6 parts / 3 pages, updated Apr 30, 2011PG-13Completed
Sally is a teenage girl who is terrified of their town's killer, The Slasher. She and her family get taken. Will they be the first to escape The Slasher's dungeon?
897 reads votes 20 comments 12
Never Leave

Never Leave

6 parts / 6 pages, updated Apr 29, 2011PGCompleted
Chasity is a girl who becomes famous for a song called 'Never Leave' and it all starts when a record producer named Mark asks her to come move to California. She immediately says yes and realizes that she left her best friend back in New Jersey.
249 reads votes 13 comments 0

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Never Leave
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Is that the whole story? LAME!!!!
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@AkasunanoRuika I will write more soon. I've been busy with school lately, but I will do it as soon a possible. :D
My Teddy Bear Is EVIL

My Own Superwoman

@Till_The_End Haha Thanks youu(: Heheheeee
My Teddy Bear Is EVIL