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Treacherous (To be edited)

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Intoxicating....DON'T READ THIS. IT SUCKS!!

Intoxicating....DON'T READ THIS. IT SUCKS!!

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The Misadventures of the Idiot, Not-So-Lovable Vampire, Rolan Arlen.

The Misadventures of the Idiot, Not-So-Lovable Vampire, Rolan Arlen.

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Happy Birthday to AnimeOnToast ~from Rolan:)

Happy Birthday to AnimeOnToast ~from Rolan:)

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Things are beginning to piece together... So glad for it too. The whole "Ben" thing was going to drive me crazy, but I'm glad to know now. I believe all the characters are starting to take shape in my mind by now, which is great because it's early yet not too early. 

I totally called it that he was a prostitute. ;) 


Sorry, for the language. . . . . .

May I just say how much happen to love the theme you're using: Cowardice. It's one of my favorites to explore. 

The use of flashbacks are interesting. I like that it's a constant in your writing. Some writers (like me) do one to a few flashbacks in a story, but you seem to be doing it often which is something new. I'm not too sure when the flashbacks take place, but they're relative to the events.

Also, I happen to really like Brenton's narration. It actually somewhat reminds me of a discussion on The Great Gatsby. In Gatsby, the narrator often jumps back and forth with detail, similar to what you're doing. While some may see this as "unreliable" narrating, it's actually a very human thing to do. How often do we, as humans, remember things in chronological order when we bring up memories? Not very, I assume, so I rather like the use of the flashbacks. :D

Very... Very... Intriguing, I'd say.

I happen to love the way you started the story off. His feelings of paranoia being in the group is a great introduction, and it brings people in. I can feel his anxiety with his words. 

I also like how you give important details intermixed with the text, yet keep the intrigue going (broke up a month ago, his sister's name, his addiction is alcohol, etc vs why they broke up, how long has his addiction been going on, etc). 

I have quite a few questions, some are borderline driving me crazy, but that's  a good thing... It keeps people reading for more. :)

First, I must say a HUGE THANK YOU for putting me up there in your special thanks. 

I knew that this story had something so interesting and new to it, and look where it has gotten! NEARLY 100K READS! That's so awesome!

And to be honest, here's what I love most about this story: It's a classic teen love story. Everyone lately is trying to "change it up" or "add their own twist", which are all great and amazing things... But the way you changed it up and added your own twist was to go against what everyone else is doing and stick to the bread and butter of a teen love story. Honest, real problems that a majority of kids are going through (to an extent). Scotty, Vincent, Olive, Alexis, and all them are all very relatable and have their own presence in the story. 

This story was just too adorable from start to finish. Of course, there are things that could be worked on if you ever plan to publish it, but the core of this story is amazing and a delight to read! I've loved it! 

I wish you the best of luck, and definitely let me know when you write another story so I can read that too!