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Description: A collection of ramblings, mainly rants, quotes, and other personal dealings. Recommended you do NOT read. Rated R.

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Treacherous (To be edited)

Treacherous (To be edited)

4.8K 208 226

Gay teens have to suffer through a lot of problems. In the closet of Joey Lopez, well, there’s quite...

Intoxicating....DON'T READ THIS. IT SUCKS!!

Intoxicating....DON'T READ THIS. IT SUCKS!!

18.5K 275 287

***DO NOT READ*** Well, what are you waiting for? Wasn't the title good enough for you without a descri...

The Misadventures of the Idiot, Not-So-Lovable Vampire, Rolan Arlen.

The Misadventures of the Idiot, Not-So-Lovable Vampire, Rolan Arlen.

155 13 18

Rolan. Is. Back. In this Hilarious Spin off to Intoxicating...(Original.) Here, our beloved, and hated V...

Happy Birthday to AnimeOnToast ~from Rolan:)

Happy Birthday to AnimeOnToast ~from Rolan:)

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jazzstardust commented on Ursa Minor - Better than normal

Gee... Thanks, Allen, for inferring that none of my children stand a chance of having light colored eyes. :( 

Anywho, I think the Dalai Lama and the Mad Dogs are a sure sign that MATT NEEDS TO BREAK UP WITH LISA AND DO WHATEVER THE FLIPPER HE'S DOING TO HER TO ALLEN!!! GRRRR. 

I place my bet that Matt's taking Allen to the dance.
Treacherous Reading Guide is in the works. I've got the time, setting, inspiration, Joey, and Karl all set out and published in my Words I Hold Dear book. If you'd like, take a look.

Hopefully I can write more, but no promises.

First, I must say a HUGE THANK YOU for putting me up there in your special thanks. 

I knew that this story had something so interesting and new to it, and look where it has gotten! NEARLY 100K READS! That's so awesome!

And to be honest, here's what I love most about this story: It's a classic teen love story. Everyone lately is trying to "change it up" or "add their own twist", which are all great and amazing things... But the way you changed it up and added your own twist was to go against what everyone else is doing and stick to the bread and butter of a teen love story. Honest, real problems that a majority of kids are going through (to an extent). Scotty, Vincent, Olive, Alexis, and all them are all very relatable and have their own presence in the story. 

This story was just too adorable from start to finish. Of course, there are things that could be worked on if you ever plan to publish it, but the core of this story is amazing and a delight to read! I've loved it! 

I wish you the best of luck, and definitely let me know when you write another story so I can read that too!