Status: I'm reading the tarn conspiracy by hikari13 and I think it's brilliant. I would highly recommend it to anyone in need if an exciting read:) (9 months ago)


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hey my name is jazz and i live in ireland

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Branded To Him (On Hold)

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To make a horse go fast you use your legs or heels not flick the reins that would probably slow them down.
The King's Slave (Completed!)

Why didn't Kyle or Finn buy Libby back for Gwen?
His Desire (Sequel To His S...

There's not there is would sound a bit better:)
For His Pleasure

Should be until not into:)
For His Pleasure

Hey the only thing I have to say is I'm Irish and not that many people in Ireland r actually ginger with green eyes freckles and pale skin. In...
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