Status: I'm reading the tarn conspiracy by hikari13 and I think it's brilliant. I would highly recommend it to anyone in need if an exciting read:) (1 year ago)


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hey my name is jazz and i live in ireland

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Branded To Him (On Hold)

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It's like Sauron and Saruman from lord of the rings!
Yuffie's Writing How-To's

I see no radon Annie shouldn't be Asian! Just don't let it make up her character because a lot if writers do that and it really annoys me....
Stray (Old draft--don't rea...

This is from an episode of QI right?
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I loved this book so much!!!!
The Raven Conspiracy

I don't ride western so I don't no for sure but they don't speed the horses up by flicking the reins the do steer them but make ing them go into a...
The King's Slave (Completed!)