hey my name is jazz and i live in ireland
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jazzizzdoyle commented on UnTamed Slave - Chapter 42

I love this story it jut really bugs me that the whole story you spelt definitely wrong... Sorry that's such a petty comment and it's a great story I just think interrupts the flow. I'm sure you would have fixed it after you've edited.

If you think that Irish people haven't faced oppression and abuse, you're wrong. If you think that Northern Ireland is past its troubles, you're wrong. It sickens me that this happens only a few hund...
It's really terrible what goes on in Northern Ireland! I'm catholic as well but as I live in the republic  so that's pretty normal. I just wanted to point out that it's not only Catholics being persisted by Protestants for their beliefs. It goes both ways. I'm really up set hearing that it's still so bad because I had thought it was starting to get better!