hmmm lets see...
      I'm Jackie, nice to meet you :) 
      - I have a 3 year old, Conner, who's my world... 
      - I have a minor(cough*major*cough) obsession with mickey mouse 
      - I love anything to do with art... have quite a few tattoos, more to come
      - I will randomly bust out laughing at something that happened yesterday
      - fake people really annoy me
      - I snort when I laugh
      - I love dramatic movies... and dramatic eye lashes
      - I'm a firm believer in karma, everything happening for a reason, and whats meant to be will be
      - I'm a very friendly person and love meeting new people :)
      I really want to start writing, considering I love reading so much, but am nervous about it sooo idk we'll see if i can manage to get a story up at some point... 
      well, thats pretty much it I guess.. happy reading!! :)
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