Status: Having confusion with the storyline too much too fast or draw it out hmmm. (7 months ago)


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Canadian traveller. I'm currently traveling North America right now. I will post the story when I've had the time to stop and reevaluate the storyline.
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Here here!!! But we must wait for the author to unfold her twisted plot!! Ps: thanks for being polite to the author!!!
A Servant for a Mate

I think first she must figure out the bonds between Caden and Nik first before she becomes furious with anyone!! She would wake up confused first...
A Servant for a Mate

I think they are being held as guests in the castle under extreme guard. Oh the drama when the royals get back to the castle it's going to be...
A Servant for a Mate

I think Caden has no choice in the matter now. It's up to the king and queen now that there is a blood bond between Nik and Claudia. Caden must...
A Servant for a Mate

Never apologize!
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