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Hi! My name is Jasmine. I am a girl with a lot of energy and opinions, but I try my best to keep these opinions to myself as I always get in trouble by voicing them out. So I try to find outlets through other methods. My passion leans towards movies, music & books specifically, but currently I'm still a spectator of these things, however I plan on actually being a part of these 3 amazing things in my life.

Dreams and hopes, I am not blessed with charismatic and attractive features, but I do try my best (which usually ends up badly). Oh well, I'll just have to find myself through these circumstances.

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Do you plan on updating? Just thought I'd ask
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Are you updating this story? Its your choice ultimately, but I hope you do, cause I look forward to this story
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Hey do you plan on updating this story? Its your choice ultimately, but just wanna say I like your story and want it to continue
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yippee an update haha ^^ Thank you author, I'm looking forward to the story developement :)
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Do you plan on updating this story? Just asking, cause... I'm looking forward to it
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