Status: I promise to upload soon!! guys I'm so sorry!! I have just been busy!!! :( and yes I'm still alive lol (2 years ago)


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Janykay here! 

Straight to the FACTS!:
I LOVE music! (can't live without it!!)
I LOVE writing! (as you can see the reason I am in WATTPAD)
I LOVE reading!! (Major bookworm)
I LOVE christmas!! (It's a magical day!!) 
I LOVE my ratty tatty bear!! (His name is Bearto, pronounced "Bear-toe") 
I LOVE nail polish!! (A girl can dream to have each color in the world... sigh)
I LOVE fashion!! (I sound like a girl, that's because I am- prefer vintage ;)
I LOVE food!! (Major glutton!) :P
I LOVE beaches (figures... I'm a California gurl!)
I LOVE people!! ( especially funny ones- I wish to a psychiatrist some day)
I LOVE God!! ( He's really amazing~!)
I LOVE Chocolate!! (can never be a vegan.. sigh)
I am a vegeterian (yes, I eat rabbit food...)

and last thing..
- Each new addition are my special motivation to keep writing!!
- I love their comments good/bad, and appreciate them :)

So guys..

BTW: If you lovely people read these little things about me, CONGRATS!! 
you're an awesome fan!! XD

Leave a comment below and talk to me about ANYTHING!! 
I'd love to know what you guys are thinking!!
I'm no EDWARD!! XD



Keep Pushing My Buttons, See What Happens

Keep Pushing My Buttons, See What Happens

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Bad Girl, Good Girl

Bad Girl, Good Girl

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Bad Girl- Bad on the outside, heart of gold. Good Girl- Goody two shoes on the outside, bad girl on the inside. What will become of these two who are the best of friends?... read more
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