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Description: If You Are A Muslim, And You Are Proud, You Will Support This Book. If You Are A Believer And You Are Sincere You Will Read This Book, And If You Are New To Islam, And Will Be Loyal, You Will Like This Book. Jazak AllaH Khairan :) Our religion (Isl...

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Hey you! yes you, I really cant believe you are on watt pad and still complaining that you are bored. Se...

ivoryeyes commented on Unhinged - Chapter 21

I Know this story is actually complete, and am just an after reader which makes it even more awesome, i could finish this on whatever time I want. Up until now, I guess this guy is Nicholas, maybe Jake, Luke and even chase are amongst Alexis victims who have been hurt by their girlfriends coz of her advice, but I am led to believe that Nicholas coud be the stalker, almost every creepy business happens when he is around, leave alone that his sister is more famous than him, well am just saying!! @shehopes, I love your work, you are great, and you inspire me. Keep it up

It has a calm essence to it as you read, it has you picturing the whole scene as you go, and probably among st the greatest works I have read, no over- hardcore, no too much innocence, no - heaven sent, just a plain normal girl, I hope you keep it that way, personally am tired of reading of perfect people, its like normal people no longer exist. keep up the great work!

Just today I read your casting and I was like :O I'm a good fan and love your scope of work, but surely you would do better than that at choosing characters, lol.. I aint being judgmental, but wit the characters you chose, am having a hard time picturing them in your story. And Brittany Snow is a sweet lady, has no scarlet's character at all.. thumbs up for the great work.