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I'm sixteen years old..
I ship Ziall, Lirry, and Larry because they are fucking perfect..
Mayday Parade, Asking Alexandria, Pierce the Veil, Sleeping with Sirens, Three Days Grace, Skillet, Falling in Reverse, Of Mice & Men, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, Attack Attack, The Devil Wears Prada, Flyleaf, Paramore, etc... are my life ^-^..
Harry Potter<3..
That's all really..

People think I'm a little too crazy/weird but in reality they're just jelly from my sexiness...Yeah, that's it

If you are a fucking asshole, I suggest you leave my damn page, or shit is going to go down faster than two bunnies going at it..

Favorite Quotes..
"I've been making a list of the things they don't teach you at school. They don't teach you how to love somebody. They don't teach you how to be famous. They don't teach you how to be rich or how to be poor. They don't teach you how to walk away from someone you don't love any longer. They don't teach you how to know what's going on in someone else's mind. They don't teach you what to say to someone who's dying. They don't teach you anything worth knowing." -Neil Gaiman 

"The blankets smelled like lightning, and your cheeks smelled like rain, and, somewhere in the storm, rain wasn't the only thing falling." -Unknown

 @WriterStyles is like one of the best fucking writer author person in the whole world because she's just fucking awesome so umm check her out!!!!!;) Shes also my wife ;* LOVE YOU LOU BEAR FOREVER<333
 @AlondraVega1D is my ziall shipping buddy bestfriend love her to bits.. SHE'S MAHH LEEYUM<333
 @untilyouremine is like my perv buddy :D and a fucking awesome writer so um better check her out bitches

♀+♀=♥ GENDER
♂+♂=♥ DOESN'T
♂+♀=♥ MATTER

If You Have Ever, Taken A Blade To That Beautiful Body Of Yours, Skipped A Meal A Least Once On Purpose, Cried Yourself To Sleep, Or Tried Any Form Of Self-Harm, Thought Of Taking Your Own Life, Repost This. Lets See How Many Of Us There Are.


Constant reminder

Constant reminder

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Thoughts of you

Thoughts of you

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Black and white

Black and white

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what would you do if everything changed, and you're trapped in a world full of hate.
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boyxboy ;)

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The Start Of... Whatever This is... (1D FanFic, boyxboy, Zouis)The Start Of... Whatever This is... (1D FanFic, boyxboy, Zouis)The Start Of... Whatever This is... (1D FanFic, boyxboy, Zouis)

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