Hello! I'm Isabel! I enjoy writing stories and reading books. I also love daydreaming haha dont ask why. and
I am a proud Thomasian! YEAH baby! 

Anyway, here are some of the stories I've written so far: 
(Note: I have no plan on putting them here on Wattpad)

1. I'm Glad it's You Trilogy (Lester and Ynah) - http://www.candymag.com/teentalk/index.php/topic,190275.0.html
2. Ang Superman ng Buhay Ko (Enzo and Karlie) - http://www.candymag.com/teentalk/index.php/topic,197758.0.html

First 10 fans here on wattpad: (gusto ko lang kayo ispecial mention haha tutuwa ako e)

1. Corrs (palmahall) ★
2. Rachelle (raice03)
3. Alyssa (sweetrax)
4. Yanyan (ohyanyan)
5. Erin (erindizon)
6. Isay (sleepyheadedpig)
7. Mira (aishiteruhachi)
8. Shiela (shielalala) ★
9. gongjooyah
10. walkinsunflower
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Description: For 50 million pesos, Thea became Nate's. And this is their story. Note: Starting chapter 3, private na siya. Simply because natatakot akong mabasa to ng mga kaofficemates ko! Haha. Hindi naman sa hindi ako proud, it's just that pag nagwowork na k...

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