A fairly average eighteen-year old who likes to watch films and tv and reads more than should really be possible; wastes her natural intellect by procrastinating and channels her inner creativity and imagination into writing. She has a theory that she could never be employed as a writer because everything she has ever written has been the product of procrastinating so she would procrastinate her writing by doing something else. Dreams of writing a caustic and sarcastic narrative sometime where everyone's flaws are put into beautiful terms. Maybe I will do it properly for myself once I have sorted my life out.

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Into the West (A Lord of the Rings Fan Fic)

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Description: The Eldar say that those who marry late have strange fates and love certainly came late for Amaruil Celebrindal, a noble Sindar, friend of Arwen Undomiel and the love left behind in Rivendell as the Fellowship left to destroy the One Ring. Aragorn w...

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The Next Great Adventure (A Marauders Fan Fic)

The Next Great Adventure (A Marauders Fan Fic)

45.8K 871 311

(Companion piece to Dwelling on Dreams) She didn't hate him from the first moment she laid eyes on him b...

Dwelling on Dreams (A Marauders Fan Fic)

Dwelling on Dreams (A Marauders Fan Fic)

168K 3.5K 711

(Companion story to The Next Great Adventure) Cassie Jones is a typical witch; she joins Hogwarts at the...

The Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter

11.4K 545 233

The Spider is one of the deadliest bounty hunters in the Outlands of Sullniane; for years he has been ma...

A Collection of Short Stories

A Collection of Short Stories

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I originally started with some longer stories on Wattpad, but have since discovered I lose my mojo quick...

intotheneonlights commented on The Bounty Hunter - Chapter Ten

@ElyseHove Well I imagined it to be a piece tied around his ears, which left the bottom free, when I wrote it, so he could sort of put the apple underneath and still reach his mouth without taking the cloth off. Essentially the whole time this story takes place his forehead and eyes are cloth less, but because he wears his cloak hood so low it's also hard to see those.

“Hey!” she said as she shovelled a large bite of cornflake tart into her mouth. “That was mean Lily Evans!”
@roseheart2014 It's something I used to have at school - pastry base with strawberry jam and cornflakes drizzled with syrup on top, all baked into one tart thing and eaten with cream. It's pretty great

@roseheart2014 That's very true and I had forgotten about that until you mentioned it. To be honest though, since TheNextMarauder was just referring to the casting (which wasn't particularly accurate anyway, just the best I could do) I don't think it matters too much. As far as I'm aware I don't remember describing him as attractive in the story so hopefully I can get away with it :)
Also thanks :)
I promise I will update soon but at the moment I'm having a bit of writer's block (and am extremely busy!) Don't worry though, I haven't forgotten!