**Alexy Janes 19 **
See that gorgeous girl in the picture with me (lex left) that's my beautiful baby girl, my angel, the one who could put a smile on my face anytime, the only person who took a chance on me because she believed in me. 
Words can not describe how much i love her. She was a strong girl and no matter what she  always had a smile on her face, she would do anything for the people she loved. But on the 23/07/2013 my baby girl committed suicide. We lost something irreplaceable, a girl who could always make you laugh and give you hope. Telling you that you are strong enough to go on... she was my light in the darkness. 
So here's to you my angel, im sure you look stunning wearing your wings plus your together with your twin (RIP Alec (background)). I hope you know that my heart will forever be yours lex.
i still cant believe your gone babe and it kills us all to know that we wont see that smile anymore. watch over us baby girl. Rest in peace our beautiful angel </3
I love you so so much baby <33
Forever yours Caitlin <3

Lex you were the most amazing best friend any one could ever ask for, i wont forget all the crazy shit we did and how much you taught me....im going to miss you like crazy..who else am i going to eat cookies and cream ice cream with? I hope you keep on smiling. i love you lexy RIP beautiful girl

I will never forget you, you Lexy babe, are one of the best things that ever happened to me and my shitty life i love you and i really wish you were still here by my side RIP <3

                                                                   ** Alexy Janes wearing her white wings proud **
                                                                                        **13/07/1994 -23/07/2013**
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pretty much what the title says.....i'll put lyrics of songs, poems, quotes and just randome shiz that m...

I just came across this profile... and I just want to say that I'm really sorry :'(
The suicide of a friend is such a tough thing to cope with <3 
I know you don't know me but I'm here for anyone if you ever need to talk or anything :)

- Sammy
It's been more than a year my beautiful angel, would you believe I still miss you like hell? I still think of you...are you watching over us? Keep watching over us baby girl ...forever yours, Caitlin xx