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So, I'm not that good at introductions, sooo I guess I'll just throw some things out there.

I LOVE music! It's one of my three escapes from reality. The other is my love for God. 
I just may be the weirdest person ever because when I read a story (that I chose), if I'm not imagining the characters, I'm imagining myself in the story. Reading is my last escape. When I read, everything around me goes away and it's just me and the characters of the story. Okay, that was really nerdy. 

I wear glasses, but I absolutely despise them. So sometimes I "forget" to wear them.

I love writing! I really didn't discover how much I loved writing till the beginning of this school year. 

I can't stand horror movies that actually scare me. :P I'm a Potter nerd. If I could, I would practically live in the movie theater.

I sing, everyone thinks I'm good, but I think I suck monkey balls. I also am seriously working on my acting skills. Yes, we've got a future actress on our hands. (no, not really)

Also, I love to laugh--even though my laugh is awful. And I wish that a magic genie would give me nice, long, sexy, sleek, hair.......yes, hair. I want nice hair.

ONE DIRECTION. That is all.

Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap 
Listen to that ^^^ heaven

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