I'm a ninth-grader. A 15-year old Filipina. I enjoy reading English and Filipino romantic novels. A fan of high-quality Watty books, I try my best as a writer.

I collect books and notebooks. :)

I'm also a big fan of Michael Jackson. I plan to have my own collection of his albums someday. When I grow up, I want to be a professional author and engineer at the same time. My dream company is SKF, a Swedish company. Also, I am a very sensitive person. If ever you will criticize my book negatively, please be nice. 

About the genre I write: I don't know why, but it's hard for me to write a teen fiction. It's easier for me to write an adult fiction novel. Before I write, I always research to improve accuracy. Arranged marriage is my thing.

Awesome Authors:

@KendrickSupnet (talented author | a friend of mine)

@iammisscontented (talented author | a classmate/friend of mine)

@AerithSage (talented author | Greek myth stories)

@SinaidKincaid16 (amazing stories | she's a nice person)

@AkoSiKarl6 (my best friend | check his stuffs out)

~ Frustrated Lover (editing & ongoing)
~ Taming Trevor (Werewolf)
~ A Silent Lover (JAH's prequel)
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~ The Prince of Xicheng (editing)
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~ JAH [41-ChickLit; 85-Non-Teen]
~ No Boundaries (not JAH's sequel but it's separate)
~ A Birthday Gift from the Obsessed (short story about an abusive relationship | still researching)
~ A story about a guy with dyslexia
~ A Vampire story
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Description: **The main story is already completed. Prequel is ongoing.** 27-year old Michael Keaton van Alstine was the CEO and owner of his family's conglomerate, the Van Alstine Incorporation. He may be rich, but he was not usually the ladies' man, a flaw th...

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But did she care? No. She wouldn’t step out of the freaking way and let me finish what I started.
@shababcam I am a writer, and it would hurt if I receive the same comment I've sent yesterday. Anyways, I was contemplating maybe I'll read this again after a year or two. Maybe I was immature enough to not like this story when I've read it.

Maybe not the worst, since the worst are melodrama cliches I've watched on TV. Wrong choice of words for me. I really liked Noah in this story tbh.

To the author, if you have read my comment, I apologize for my rudeness. In all honesty, I've liked the fact that Marley has a flaw, making the story realistic.

That's all. Again sorry for my rudeness. :)