Why do people do these! It seems so stalkerish to have some random stranger reading about you and what you like and stuff! Oh well, I am doing it anyways! As you can see, the name is CLASSIFIED! That means, you won't know it you creepy stalker! Same with my location! I like to listen to Cher Lloyd, Ed Sheeran, One Direction, amongst others! If you would like to know, I am a girl that has a crush only one person knows about! I eat pretzels like they are going extinct, because they do in this house! Age is classified as well! I think Mr. Stalker Man has gotten enough information! Bye Mr. Stalker Man!! :D
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    Wouldn't you like to know that too!
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Alone and Free

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Description: After getting thrown out by her boyfriend, seventeen year old Karrae Elsa Gillian resorts to living with her dad and step-mother again. But, after her father's death, she runs off to a life of seclusion, but an old friend follows after her with some...

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Dead, But Breathing *On Hold*

Dead, But Breathing *On Hold*

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What started off as a stroll for food for young Annabeth Listenike turned out to be her worst nightmare...

It All Falls Down

It All Falls Down

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Daniel Husk and Alianna York have been dating off and on for about nine years. They know everything abou...

ATTENTION EVERYBODY!!!! On my other account, DOntCryYourHeartOut, I have posted a story called The Captive. I have worked so hard on this story and have seven chapters already written that have made me cry and I would really appreciate it if you would read it. I have worked so hard on it, please read it! It's really good, I promise! You will be surprised, though. So just a warning! Please read it guys!