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Um, well...I'm just your average teenage girl, I have a date on every Saturday, super awesome school, teachers' pet, I get everything I want,my family gives me all the space I need and I get invited to lots of parties. Most of all, I'm very content with my life, I have no complaints or regrets. I am happy the way I am.
None of the above is me.
I'm shy. I have amazing problem solving skills. Somehow, I can never apply these skills when it comes to me. 
I love my friends passionately, which sometimes gets me in trouble.

I'm 5'5,but my ideal height is 5'10.
I'm 16 and I'm straight.
I'm single. 
I'm Asian, but without the Asian features. I mean, I've got almond shaped eyes and high cheekbones, pink lips. 
I'm nocturnal. I can stay awake for three days straight. Honest, I've done it.
I prefer... 
Any orange flavored drink to soda.
Pepsi to coke(yeah, i can tell the difference).
Dark chocolate to salads.
Wet hair to blow drying.
Reading to watching tv.
Singing in the bathroom with a hairbrush for a mike to barfing all the food I just ate down the toilet.
Photography to Facebook.
Talking face-to-face to talking on phone.
Writing to shopping.
Ice cream to breakfast.

I'm not a geek, like my user name probably suggests. I'm just a huge Jason Mraz fan. I love all kinds of music,but i draw the line at screaming.
I'm easy to read, contrary to my "mysterious girl" rep. I can be trusted with a secret.That is me up there^^^(Except my hair is longer than that).
I fall in love easily, so don't break my heart! I love accents and green eyes.bIf you can teach me a new language, you'd be my favorite person. I laugh- A LOT. And I don't get annoyed easily.I'm fun to be with. Red and black are my favorite colors.

I LOVE answering questions. I'm trying to change my habit and talk moRe often but I could really use some help with that. SO TALK TO ME!! I'll be right here :-)
All my love, cheers!

oh, and ps- i like smileys with a nose :-)


Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours.

Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours.

9 parts / 9 pages, updated Jun 04, 2012
588 reads votes 31 comments 3
Luna Cogitationis

Luna Cogitationis

10 parts / 4 pages, updated Mar 02, 2012Video
yeah. just me. and my poems here. go check it out if it seems any good to you. FYI, "luna cogitation's" is latin for "thoughts of the moon". love, ***~Annie~***
1,099 reads votes 60 comments 61
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