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You think you know someone ... untill BAM the little fuck hits you with a "plus four" card.
Man, I love Uno. And Jungle speed (although I suck at the last one).

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daughter of hell

daughter of hell

79 parts / 187 pages, updated May 16, 2013R
"It's better to reign in Hell then to serve in Heaven." Lucifer is the daughter of a demon and an angel, not an easy thing to please both parents. But then Luci has chosen sides long ago.
906,986 reads votes 12,729 comments 1,915
Brainfart (Daughter of Hell)

Brainfart (Daughter of Hell)

2 parts / 1 page, updated Aug 25, 2011GPictures
Extra stuff about Daughter of Hell. Things I've written down. It's not the actual story and you won't understand if you haven't read Daughter of Hell. Just me messing around with my own story ideas.
1,154 reads votes 37 comments 9
the softie of the mobfamily turned badass

the softie of the mobfamily turned badass

3 parts / 6 pages, updated Apr 28, 2010PG-13
5,074 reads votes 126 comments 85
Love is

Love is

1 page, updated Sep 18, 2009PG
322 reads votes 7 comments 2

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@Rosiejo211 @smartie227 @PurpleSnowO_o @Hazie81 : I might take a while. I failed a major assignment for school that I got to make up for, which...
daughter of hell

@RiyaShukla @sondra I couldn't resist to post that pic of Hades, I love that movie. I still regret that the tape got stuck in the video recorder...
daughter of hell

@gypsy_eyes_x PS: Nate and his dad think his mom was a spirit because - as Luci points out all the time - Vampires are stupid and not up to date...
daughter of hell

@Gammily My story is a mix of mythology and my own fantasy. I'm a bit of a freak and already know most of the mythology. But I had to look up the...
daughter of hell

@gypsy_eyes_x I can see why you are confused :p. I was going to explain Jake's lineage too in this chapter, but I couldn't fit it in. I'll...
daughter of hell