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to be read soon (complete)all time favorite..... <3 <3waiting for upload....already read

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Eye Of The Guardian. (-Book 3) completedThe Puppet Girl. (Completed)His Royal Ballerina. (completed)

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well it was beautiful journey for me as well..right from the time wen frisca n vlade met for the first time till they finally got together.. all...
House of Vendetta {Book 4} ...

ahhh...cliff hanger... anyway great chapter n very excited to read the coming chapters.. :D
House of Vendetta {Book 4} ...

so finally the whole gang is gonna reunite..yay!!!! :D
House of Vendetta {Book 4} ...

yay Vlade n Frisca finally met.... :D
House of Vendetta {Book 4} ...

wow!!! you have made the background of meeting of all of them....nw jst waiting when that moment will come.. :D loved it..
House of Vendetta {Book 4} ...