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There are only 3 REASONS why you are currently visiting my page and reading these ridiculous ramblings of mine.

1. You want to know if I'm pretty (admit it guys, physical attraction first then personality usually follows)

2. You are intrigued and thought 'She wouldn't know that I visited her profile so why stalk her a little?'

3. You are developing a crush on me (this only works when you're repeatedly visiting my page, often than usual) 

Before you throw your keyboard on the screen, muttered 'She must be crazy' and react about my third speculation about why you're here...

I should explain why I changed my 'ABOUT ME' section, I want someone to know me not just by the facts I posted on my page.. so If you want to be my friend, or enemy the BEST way probably is to

ASK ME. Post on my message board. PM. Text or Call (if you’re lucky enough)

I'm not asking you on a date, lol. To tell you the truth, I'm not this egoistic. So if I offend you, sorry.

and... I don't care if your ugly, pretty, fat, thin, black, white, brown, colorful (I mean gay, since I'm enumerating colors), vampire, mermaid as long as we can carry an interesting conversation (erhh-- i'm a person who easily get bored.. really)

I wish I CAN'T SAY that I'm SMART, PRETTY and FUNNY because... I AM.
*waiting for a lightning to strike on me*

Let's wrap this up

know me. hate me. like me. but don't love me

One more thing
I'm taken. 
My heart, mind, body and soul already belongs to a certain person that I'm so sure I'll will marry someday.

I won't dare to describe her to you because you might take interest in her.
Mhhmm. I'm greedy, im jealous . Never flirt, stare, talk or touch with what's MINE and we'll be fine.
You'll be DEAD if you do.


Ephemeral Taste (gxg)

Ephemeral Taste (gxg)

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Do you think you can turn around and just walk away from being a player? A ponytail, nerdy glasses and an average outfit couldn't contain someone like Rhia Le Ciel. Ins... read more
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My Letter To You Last March 17

uhmm, speechless readers make me feel nervous. is it good or bad? *biteslip*
Ephemeral Taste (gxg)

u will have to find out *grins* tnx 4 reading! u r all awesome :)
Ephemeral Taste (gxg)

if u're really a good girl, God probably wants u to be with him up there, may u rest in ____ . haha! when i'm ill, i bring massive chaos on earth....
Ephemeral Taste (gxg)

nu bang tsundere yan. hooo english please
Ephemeral Taste (gxg)