My dream with future husband #1: him on the couch sitting, me: head on his lap reading a romantic book. Him doing his thing and us just being in each others company.
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Drifting Away

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Description: He loves me. He loves me not. But he's gotta tell me fast cause I aint gonna last to long.

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Lets Run Away Together

Lets Run Away Together

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Juliet loved Romeo in ways that is either accepted or hated. There is absolutely nothing in between. Exc...

Darling Dear, Don't say good-bye to me.

Darling Dear, Don't say good-bye to me.

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When you love someone, tell them. The second you have feelings for them, tell em. Cause you don't know i...

Cause, we're in this together.

Cause, we're in this together.

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Walking down the stairs, gliding, one step after another. One hand on the curved railing, and the other...

When my eyes rested upon his

When my eyes rested upon his

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I watch him with her. It hurts so much. But when I see how much love are in his eyes when he looks at he...

iluvu2mydarlin commented on The Arrogant Professor - Chapter 28:

                          Until you decide to forgive me,                         I will forever say sorry.                         I'm sorry, beautiful.                        - Nathan.
Lol for a second I didn't read the sorry after I'm so I read it "I'm beautiful."