I love: 
Reading (obviously)
Dancing like a maniac 
Saxon and Eva from She's One Of the Boys and She's on the Hunt
Ashton and Brooke from What Happens When The Lights Go Out
Carson and Gracie from The Tutor 
And soooo much more.
And I HEART movies.
And songs...
Being ninja is awesome B) 
Frankie says relax - Dope song.

Dadadadaa......I'm bored.
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Description: Violet Emerson is Belleview High's resident loner and/or outcast. I could say that but she really isn't. There are people who know her and football player Hugh makes sure there isn't a day she isn't annoyed. So what happens when Violet Emerson the...

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Gahhh, I'm so sorry if this was boring ): I just wanted to write a chapter in with Kyle because I was missing him and I want him to be a part of the ending!! Which is coming soon!! so I have to ask...
More Chris pleaseeee.....Allie should really believe that he was in a gang and everything. Like maybe a fight where Chris saves everybody like before. Maybe Jeremy can be involved in the fighting. The gang thing should come to light and Holly should be heroic or something. A lot like the circumstances of APR and ASR. Maybe a get together of the characters from APR and ASR. What about Lance?? Omg. But definitely more Chris and Holly.
Also, Elliot and Allie should end up together.....
Paul and Allie just don't go well together.....