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The Alpha's Rose.

Social data: 110K reads. 2.4K votes. 204 comments.

Description: "Their tongues danced together in a disgusting sort of manner, before he pushed her away and moved on to the next whore, they were practically throwing themselves at him without any sort of self-respect. It hurt too much to bear and I couldn't hold...

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The Sacrifices I've Made

The Sacrifices I've Made

2.8K 79 20

Mykah Rhegan, Alpha of the Full Moon pack, the most powerful pack in the country. His mate, Taylor Sky...

One True Love (Sequel to I'm back...like you would care)

One True Love (Sequel to I'm back...like you would care)

198K 3.1K 337

"Why? Why couldn't you just leave things the way they were supposed to be?! Now, now it's all ruined bec...

His Rejection Killed Me...Almost.

His Rejection Killed Me...Almost.

167K 2.2K 297

The constant pressure to be perfect the tormenting, the name calling...that's what pushed her over the e...

Love 101

Love 101

288 1 1

"Think about it Nova," Addison circled my chair, "The look on their faces when you walk into the Scream...

dvg009 posted a message to iheartZaynM
can you please put the full version on here. I really want to finish it. its the best book I've ever read. it would make a lot of your followers happy. also can't wait to read some of your other creations.
Can you please update His Rejection Killed Me Almost or make it available on Amazon, not kindle. I really enjoy reading this book and would love to order it.
@Mollykat sorry for the late reply, but I had attempted to do a sequel in the past but I feel that the story thrives more on its own rather than starting a whole new story. I may start brainstorming ideas but for now I'm just going to stick to the original plot :)
Guys I'm so sorry for the delay! My MacBook broke and all of my stories were in the drive so I couldn't retrieve them but luckily I saved them all on Amazon and my USB's so expect an update very very soon! 
Finally got my new laptop!! I'm so excited to stat writing once again! We'll start off with another chapter of His Rejection Killed Me...Almost! Thanks so much for sticking with me everyone! Love you all, xoxo
Hey everyone! First of all, I hope you all had a very wonderful Christmas and got everything you wished for, and I wish you the best for 2015. In other news, I'm possibly getting my laptop today which also means an update! So fingers crossed xx