My name is Zachary, but you can call me Zach or Zachy, as most people do
I love to write
I like to draw and play guitar
I suck at all of those things
I'm bi ♥ taken by  @ZackyZombie♥
I love music
A lot of people from a lot of different genres
I'm too lazy to list what bands
I hurt myself because I hate me
I really hate me
I mean it
sorry that I sound really boring
I am pretty boring I guess
Plus, I've been kinda more depressed than usual lately
This sucks, and you probably won't take any time to read it

Superpowers-Ability to get guys out of their pants ;p

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 │▒ /▒/─┬─┐ 
┌┴─┴─┐-┘─┘ ●●PeAcE●● 

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whyamievehere posted a message to ihatezachy
Your not boring I love your name and I know what it is like I cut but I am trying to not do as meny a day now please don't say your boring cause you are not...
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So my friend forced me to look at your profile because of this huge crush she has on you...  And I read your bio...  And it's so sassy...  Like holy Shit...  Anyways...  Hi.... :/
Dude u sound amazing try not to hurt yourself to much depression comes with it k? I'm not going to tell u its stupid I know its not if u need any one I'm here
ThatOneChick66 posted a message to ihatezachy
Be Strong. You Never Know When Your REAL Last Day Will Come And When That Day Comes You Will Have Lived To The Fullest. Now, Enjoy Your Life. Don't Think About Anything Negative! :) ~Nicole Edwards <3