My name is Zachary, but you can call me Zach or Zachy, as most people do
I love to write
I like to draw and play guitar
I suck at all of those things
I'm bi ♥ taken by @ZackyZombie
I love music
A lot of people from a lot of different genres
I'm too lazy to list what bands
I hurt myself because I hate me
I really hate me
I mean it
sorry that I sound really boring
I am pretty boring I guess
Plus, I've been kinda more depressed than usual lately
This sucks, and you probably won't take any time to read it

Superpowers-Ability to get guys out of their pants ;p

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 │▒ /▒/─┬─┐
┌┴─┴─┐-┘─┘ ●●PeAcE●●

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BVBGIRL65 posted a message to ihatezachy
hey, I'm ALIYAH and please don't hurt yourself to much and u might think u are nasty and alone and everything but to me, u seem like a really cool, fun guy. :)
uthandombuli posted a message to ihatezachy
Dont hate yourself forget what those haters say haters gonna hate,they are just jealous because your special,you mean something God put you in this world for a reason find that reason find your purpose and if you fall I'll be there,if you need a hand ro hold I'll lend you mine,if you need a shouldet to cry on cry on my shoulder ,if you feel like your world is falling into darkness I'll be your light,if you someone to protect you I am your bodyguard,I will be there as a friend as a wattpad long lost sister.Wipe those tears away because I am here you.I am here for everyone cause I care!!!